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I am a retail investor just like you who found a way to be successful and profitable trading stocks and options like a real business; from my home office. The trading methods taught in this course are also used by professional hedge.
Dear future TRADE ologist Rather than hype up this course and tell you how rich you will get, on this page I want to get straight to the point and tell you. 1.
Like any business, my only concern was to buy something that could be sold at a profit - and with enough of a profit margin so that the expenses (although small) were covered - leaving a consistent and reliable income.
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(1) There is more water in Loch Ness than all the other lakes in England, Scotland and. Wales put together. (2) It is around twenty two and a half miles long and between one and one and a half miles.
I know exactly what my maximum profit potential is before I ever place a trade. I don t guess or speculate - I have a plan. Then I simply manage the position and, if necessary, adjust my positions to remain.
This can cause the loch to steam on very cold days, in fact it as been estimated that the heat given off by the loch in a winter is the equivalent to burning 2 million tons of coal.
But let me explain why this course is different from anything that you may have ever seen before. Treating Trading as a Real Business . Most people think the markets are too risky and their approach is hit or miss, pure speculation.
something I really didn t have as a father. So after years of hit or miss trading, I started thinking about trading as a real business - buying and selling stocks and options as a business.

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I will never say you will make any money with this business because I can t tell how you ll use the information that will be shared with you. Your success in your investment business depends on only one thing.
They do not help you become a better trader or see the reality of the market. There are only 3 technical indicators you need to run this business: support, resistance and trend lines.
I don t consider myself to be an investor or speculator or trader in the traditional sense. The truth is, and this is exactly how I see myself: I am an entrepreneur.
All good businesses manage based on numbers and ratios - I do the same thing - I manage by the numbers. All businesses plan for profits and create opportunities for the largest return on investment (ROI) possible - I do too, except.
As an entrepreneur I seek opportunities in the market as well as engage in buying and selling activities to generate the highest return on my investment and then simply manage my risk.

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Binary options experts clue

That s it. Keep it simple. Simple makes money. I also discovered the Top 1 of all traders do the EXACT opposite of what I tried to do when I first got edict the market.
1) All stocks fluctuate in price. For options there are two Absolute Truths. 1) All options fluctuate in price and 2) All options expire. The top traders learn to respect these rules because they are the ONLY truths of the.
(4) It is fed by 7 major rivers the Oich, Tarff, Enrich, Coiltie, Moriston, Foyers and. Farigaig plus numerous burns, with only one outlet the River Ness which flows 7 miles through Inverness into the Moray Firth 52 feet below.
Also, I cannot give you specific investment advice because I am not an investment adviser registered with the SEC and I am.
2). I am a Business Person but I am also a Teacher. I have been helping others learn how to use the Internet to start a business for the last nine years.
I learned all about waves and candlesticks, MACD, ADX, CCI, Bollinger Bands and Fibonacci and hundreds of chart patterns . and I thought I knew something about the future of the market! Frankly, technical indicators are like crutches - they only help.

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You might think there are other truths but there aren t. Everything you hear about the market outside these 2 rules is hearsay, opinion, commentary and even complete fantasy. Of course you will never hear anyone on CNBC even mention.
The only way for you to make the right decisions is by having superior knowledge. Once you understand how to REALLY make money, you can trade with total confidence. That s what can be done and I do not say.
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Can you imagine Maria Bartiromo saying, Prices fluctuated today. Have a nice evening everyone! I m outta here! I don t think so. So the top traders respect these rules because they are so powerful and it helps them cut.

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